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  In the download centre, you will find both pamphlets as well as technical data sheets, tender specifications and certificates, together with many other documents, for your use.

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show moreProduct Brochures

Assortment Brochure (pdf, 6.2 MB)
norament 926 satura               (pdf, 857 KB)
norament 926 crossline (pdf, 2.7 MB)
noraplan sentica (pdf, 2.2 MB)
noraplan unita (pdf, 1.3 MB)
noraplan eco (pdf, 185 KB)
noraplan ultra grip (pdf, 5.5 MB)
Inlays (pdf, 2.5 MB)

show moreMarket Segment Brochures

Education (pdf, 2.9 MB)
Housing Constructions Projects (pdf, 3.9 MB)
Health Care (pdf, 6.7 MB)
Nursing Homes (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Industry (pdf, 3.4 MB)
Cleanrooms (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Shops & stores (pdf, 3.7 MB)
Office (pdf, 2.3 MB)
Ships (pdf, 588 KB)
Airports (pdf, 1.9 MB)
Transportation (pdf, 1.9 MB)

show morenora pads Brochures

Initial cleaning                     
(pdf, 125 KB)
Periodic cleaning (pdf, 145 KB)
Enhanced shine (pdf, 110 KB)
flyer nora pads (pdf, 372 KB)

show morenora system blue Brochures

nora system blue                
(pdf, 0.9 MB)
Installation Materials               
(pdf, 0.9 MB)

show moreEnvironment Brochures

Sustainable Flooring Solutions (pdf, 1.2 MB)
Environmental Report 2012       
(pdf, 3.8 MB)

show moreCertificates

ISO14001 (pdf, 454 KB)
ISO 9001:2008 (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Blue Angel Certificate nm 926 (pdf, 154 KB)
Blue Angel Certificate np 913 (pdf, 166 KB)
Blue Angel Certificate np 910 eco
(pdf, 144 KB)

show moreTechnical Data Sheets - Summmary Tables

TD noraplan (pdf, 582 KB)
TD norament                         
(pdf, 582 KB)
TD ESD (pdf, 587 KB)

show moreTechnical Datasheets nsb Installation Materials

nora level compound SF         
(pdf, 544 KB)
nora fiber ESD 414 (pdf, 601 KB)
nora primer plus       
(pdf, 494 KB)
nora hybrid 310 (pdf, 577 KB)
nora level compound (pdf, 577 KB)
nora primer (pdf, 510 KB)
nora fiber 410 (pdf, 547 KB)
nora epoxy ground (pdf, 611 KB)

show morensb Substrate Preparation Guide

nsb Substrate Preparation Guide noraplan (doc, 49 KB)
nsb Substrate Preparation Guide norament 926 (doc, 51 KB)

show moreNCS Codes

ncs noraplan sentica                   (pdf, 51 KB)
ncs noraplan stone(pdf, 70 KB)
ncs noraplan signa(pdf, 153 KB)
ncs noraplan ultra grip(pdf, 29 KB)
ncs noraplan unita(pdf, 11.9 KB)
ncs norament 926 grano(pdf, 72 KB)
ncs norament 825(pdf, 101 KB)
ncs norament 926(pdf, 101 KB)
ncs norament 926 crossline(pdf, 100 KB)
ncs norament 926 satura(pdf, 18.2 KB)
ncs noraplan uni(pdf, 12.9 KB)
ncs noraplan eco(pdf, 39 KB)


norament and noraplan products have been developed into BIM components 

Your Revit® Materials Libraries
This collection of Revit Materials Libraries offers over 300 variations of nora® rubber flooring in different colours, styles and textures. Using these virtual materials, you can better realize your creative vision with compellingly detailed digital models. Select from the libraries below to download the materials you need to plan your next project.
(NOTE): After downloading and unzipping, please open the Read Me for Revit (PDF 55 KB) and Read Me for Autodesk 360 (PDF 81 KB) files for important instructions.)
nora® rubber flooring

norament® flooring

norament® 926 (ZIP 110 MB)
norament® 825 (ZIP 110 MB)
norament® 926 crossline (ZIP 204 MB)
norament® 926 serra (ZIP 136 MB)
norament® 926 satura (ZIP 213 MB)
norament® 926 grano (ZIP 232 MB)
norament® 928 grano ed (ZIP 82 MB)
norament® 992 grano (ZIP 41 MB)
norament® 992 (ZIP 42 MB)

noraplan® flooring

noraplan® uni (ZIP 106 MB)
noraplan® sentica (ZIP 891 MB)
noraplan® signa (ZIP 1 GB)
noraplan® unita (ZIP 153 MB)
noraplan® eco (ZIP 42 MB)
noraplan® stone (ZIP 196 MB)
noraplan® ultra grip (ZIP 133 MB)
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