Noraplan sentica ed

Special Floorings

noraplan sentica ed

  • Rubber flooring electrostatically dissipative
  • For optimum ESD protection of electronic devices and equipment
  • Protection against electrical shock
  • Resists most oils and greases

 Note: The colours 6504, 6505 and 6508 are only recommended for areas with a low incidence of stains and dirt (e.g. not for OP theatres or intensively frequented areas).

Art. 1703

rolle~ 1,22 m x 12 m

nora profile connection dimension: D + U


Art. 2702

fliese~ 610 mm x 610 mm

15 = 5.58 m² in one carton

Art. 1702

rolle~ 1.22 m x 15.0 m

nora profile connection dimension: A + U


3mm thickness


for special fire-protection requirements


Largely oil and grease resistant


for raised-access floors


available as stairtread


high footfall sound absorption

elektrostatisch ableitend

electrostatic dissipative / conductive

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