Industrial floors are all-demanding: Safety for high-tech equipment, resistance to chemicals, ergonomic for users, a non-porous surface, ideal cleaning properties, and much more besides. Unusual product features make rubber floor coverings from nora the first choice for production and assembly areas, in cleanrooms, ESD areas, in laboratories and research establishments, as well as in offices and administration areas. The high degree of standing and walking comfort are the extra benefit for building users.

Lanxess Administrative Centre

City: Leverkusen, Germany
Architect: mediastyles GmbH, Köln
Floor: norament 926 crossline

Research building Octapharma

City: Heidelberg, Germany
Architect: Burger Architekten
Floor: noraplan plus


City: Edinburgh, Scotland
Architect: Bright 3D
Floor: norament 975 LL - serra Design with relief structure

Bosch Development Center

City: Abstatt, Germany
Architect: Schwarz Architekten
Floor: norament 928 grano ed
noraplan stone

Office IQ 4 You

City: Obermeitingen, Germany
Architect: Principal: IQ 4 You GmbH
Floor: norament 926 crossline

Supercomputing Centre "CSCS"

City: Lugano, Switzerland
Architect: Itten + Brechbühl AG
Floor: noraplan astro ec

Market Research Agency SKIM

City: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Architect: Roos und Ros
Floor: norament 926 serra

Factory Ensinger

City: Cham, Germany
Architect: DIA 179 german industry architecture
Floor: norament 926 grano
norament 926 serra

Headquarters UM Electronic GmbH

City: Tettnang-Oberlangnaun, Germany
Floor: noraplan mega ed

SAP Office Building

City: St. Ingbert, Germany
Architect: Wolfgang Kergaßner, Ostfildern
Floor: norament 926
noraplan stone ed

Production hall J. Schmalz

City: Glatten, Germany
Architect: Thilo Baur
Floor: norament 926 grano

Casa Office

City: Münster, Germany
Floor: norament 926 crossline

Canteen Bayer AG

City: Krefeld, Germany
Architect: Cristina Ferri, Bayer Technology Services
Floor: norament 926 serra

BMW Plant

City: Leipzig, Germany
Architect: Zaha Hadid
Floor: norament 926

edus Stoll

City: Waldshut, Germany
Architect: Ludloff+Ludloff
Floor: noraplan uni

Pfizer UK Headquarters

City: Tadworth, UK
Architect: Sheppard Robson
Floor: norament 825

Financial Times

City: London, UK
Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners
Floor: norament 926 xi

Agency for music and sport marketing

City: Berlin, Germany
Architect: Angelis + Partner Architekten
Floor: noraplan uni

Office Building "Alter Bahnhof"

City: Brilon, Germany
Architect: Wiebke Mielke
Floor: noraplan uni

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