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Thursday, 18 March 2010 05:01 administrator Nora - Flooring

Special Floorings

Electrostatic Dissipative Floorings:

      Color:        Color:        Color: 

norament 928 ed      norament 928 grano ed      noraplan signa ed         noraplan sentica ed

noraplan stone ed

Electrostatic Conductive Floorings:   

Color:             Color:
norament 927 grano ec       norament astro ec

Floorings with Footfall Sound Absorption 20dB:

Color:           Color:           Color:

noraplan sentica acoutic    noraplan signa acoutic       noraplan stone acoutic

Removable floorings for installation with fixing system:

Color:             Color:

noramen 975 LL with          norament 975 LL -
hammerblow surface           serra Design with relief structure

Floorings for Heavy-Duty Use:

Rubber flooring-norament® 926 0866-nora systems             Color:

norament 992                    norament 992 grano





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